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Colombia is, without a shadow of a doubt, a great place for expats and tourists. If you are planning to visit the country soon, you would be interested in streaming your own country’s content without sacrificing your privacy.

To keep your identity anonymous from ISPs as they can keep an eye on your activities in Colombia, you will need to use the best VPN for Colombia to access region-blocked content in the country.

Here is the list of VPNs you can use to protect your privacy in Colombia along with their servers’ network and pricing plans:

VPNColombian ServersPlanPrice
CyberGhost43 Year (2 months free)$2.75/mo
PureVPN32 Year$2.91/mo
Ivacy1 2 Year$2.25/mo
ExpressVPN11 Year$8.32/mo
Surfshark12 Year$1.99/mo
NordVPN03 Year$3.49/mo

6 Best VPNs for Colombia in 2020

For the sake of your convenience, I have shortlisted some CountryVPNs you can use in Colombia to secure your privacy while surfing the web. These are:

1. CyberGhost


CyberGhost offers 4 dedicated servers in Colombia that help you unblock your favorite shows like Chepe Fortuna and EL Encantador from abroad. This Romania based VPN service provides 5500+ servers in 80+ countries. Such a massive number of servers means you can watch US NetflixHulu, and other streaming services while residing in Colombia.

The provider offers some impressive security and privacy features like kill switch, zero-logs, 7 multi-logins, IP leak protection, and ad blocker. You can get its 3-year plan at the cost of $2.75/month to avail a 79% discount alongside a 45-day money-back guarantee.

2. PureVPN


PureVPN provides 3 servers in Colombia that help you watch famous movies like La Cara Oculta and La Virgen de los Sicarios even if you reside outside Colombia. Similarly, the Hong Kong-based VPN provider offers 2000+ servers across the globe that allow you to access Disney Plus, Fubo TV and other services in a blink of an eye.

The service has some exciting security and privacy features for its users like kill switch, DNS leak protection, no-logs, 5 multi-logins, dedicated IP and split tunneling. If you want to get all these benefits under one roof, you can subscribe to its 2-year plan paying $2.91/month that includes a 73% discount and 31-day money-back guarantee.

3. Ivacy


Ivacy offers 1 server in Colombia that helps you watch popular local movies such as Paraiso Travel and Rosario Tejaris. Likewise, the Singapore based VPN service exists in 50+ countries through 1000+ servers that enable you to unblock Amazon Prime, YouTube TV, and other services.

Furthermore, the provider displays an array of features from kill switch, 5 multi-logins, and dedicated IP to split tunneling and no-logs, to list a few. You can get its 2-year pricing plan at the price of $2.25/month along with a massive 77% discount and 30-day money-back guarantee.

4. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN offers 1 server in Colombia that lets you unblock Netflix Colombia from overseas to watch your favorite Colombian TV shows and movies. The BVI (British Virgin Islands) service offers 3000+ servers in 90+ countries that allow you to access Disney Plus and Apple TV+ in Colombia.

The provider has a wide range of privacy and security features for its subscribers like kill switch, IP leak protection, 5 multi-logins, OpenVPN protocol, 256-bit encryption, and zero-logs.  You will need to pay $8.32/month to get its 1-year plan at an amazing discount of 35% with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5. Surfshark


Surfshark also offers 1 server in Colombia that helps you watch La Vendedora de Rosas and Satanás from anywhere. The BVI (British Virgin Islands) based service provides 1040+ servers in 60+ countries that allow you to unblock Crackle TV and HBO Now in Colombia.

The service has various privacy and security features like kill switch, unlimited simultaneous connections, no-logs, whitelister, multihop and cleanweb. After paying $1.99/month, you can get its 2-year plan that is embedded with an 83% discount and a 30-day refund policy.

6. NordVPN


NordVPN does not offer a server in Colombia but you can connect to the servers that are available in neighboring countries like Brazil and Mexico to access local Colombian content. The Panama based VPN provider has 5000+ servers in 55+ countries that allow you to unblock Pandora, HBO Go and other services in Colombia.

The service offers numerous privacy and security benefits like internet kill switch, 6 multi-logins, no-logs, Double VPN, CyberSec and dedicated IP. You can get its 3-year package at the cost of $3.49/month along with a 70% discount and 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to Get a Colombia VPN IP Address?

You can follow these simple steps to get a Colombian IP address with a VPN:

  • Choose a VPN service that offers servers in Colombia
  • Subscribe and download the VPN app of CyberGhost on your device
  • Sign-in and launch the VPN app
  • Connect to your preferred Colombian server


  • You can check your new IP address using


What to look for while selecting the best VPN for Colombia?

Unlike countries like Korea and Venezuela, the online censorship situation is reasonably decent in Colombia. The ISPs have to provide their users’ data to the government as and when required.

As per the Colombian law, intelligence agencies can monitor devices that transmit wireless communication through electromagnetic spectrum without prior notice. Also, you can find yourself in hot water if you commit copyright violations. Therefore, you must take these factors into account while selecting a VPN service for Colombia:

Availability of VPN servers in Colombia: Your potential VPN provider should offer multiple Colombian VPN servers.

Zero-logs: A VPN service should not keep the logs of its users at any cost. Otherwise, users can face harsh penalties.

Privacy and security features: Your chosen VPN provider should have various privacy and security features like kill switch, dedicated IP, 256-bit encryption, and so on.

Speed: If you are a streaming fan, your VPN service should be able to bypass speed throttling hassles. 

Netflix Colombia: Your VPN service should help you to access the content of Netflix Colombia if you want to watch your favorite local shows or movies from outside Colombia. 

Websites/Services blocked in Colombia and How to Access them?

Similar to France, the Colombian government does not block social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube but have banned these sites in the country:

  • PokerStars
  • Bodog
  • Bovada

But, with a VPN like CyberGhost, PureVPN, Ivacy, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark, you can unblock these websites. If we talk about NordVPN, the service does not have a server in Colombia. Yet, it provides access to foreign media content in Colombia through servers available in neighboring countries.

Free VPNs to use in Colombia

If you use a free VPN, you can download malware on your devices. They can also sell your crucial sensitive data to third-party marketers to make ends meet. They are slow in speed and often coupled with data cap limit (100 to 500 MB). Hence, it is better to opt for premium VPNs always.

Still, if you have decided to use free VPN in Colombia, you can use these providers:


Are VPNs legal in Colombia?

VPNs are safe and legal to use in Colombia as long as you do not use them for illegal purposes. Colombian citizens can use VPNs legally and enjoy unrestricted internet access without any trouble.

Can I use my Netflix in Colombia?

 Yes, you can use your Netflix account with a VPN in Colombia. If you want to unblock US Netflix, then you should connect to an American VPN server first. By doing so, you can stream your favorite Netflix movies and TV shows.

Does online censorship exist in Colombia?

The situation of online censorship is conducive to internet users in Colombia. Apart from this, you should avoid downloading copyrighted material through torrenting. Moreover, you must refrain yourself from posting articles or thesis of students online without taking their prior approval.

What about Freedom of Speech in Colombia?

The Constitution of Colombia has given the right to freedom of expression to its citizens, but remember, defamation is a criminal offense. If you have accused someone, then you might face a fine and up to six years in prison according to the penal code.

Wrapping Up

If you are residing in Colombia as a journalist, then you must secure your digital footprints through the best VPN for Colombia before browsing the internet. Besides, you can circumvent the illegal surveillance issues in the country using a VPN.

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