Best South America VPNs 2020 – Secure Your Privacy with 280+ Servers

Last updated: April 23, 2020 by CountryVPNs

The importance of best South America VPNs is increasing day by day. You may face severe consequences if you use your freedom of expression right online. If you want to reside in these oppressive countries like Venezuela and Brazil peacefully, using a country VPN is a must. 

This amazing online security tool enables you to circumvent government surveillance accordingly. Furthermore, it allows you to operate your local bank account from abroad without any hassle. 

Considering the importance of online privacy, explore the below-mentioned list of VPNs that help you to browse the internet securely: 

Best VPN for South America to Bypass Geo-restrictions in South American countries

ExpressVPN: Offers 6 servers in the South American continent at a higher $8.32/mo price

NordVPN: Provides 60+ servers in South America at a reasonable $3.49/mo cost

Surfshark: Offers 4 servers in South American countries at a mere $1.99/mo

CyberGhost: Provides 100+ servers in South America at a competitive price of $2.75/mo

IPVanish: Offers 30+ servers in the South American continent at a budget-friendly price of $3.25/mo 

PureVPN: Provides 80+ servers in South American countries at an affordable cost of $2.91/mo 

Why should you use a VPN in South American countries?

You have to use a VPN when you want to change your online location. It is possible through a VPN as it provides you with the IP address of your desired country like Brazil, Chile, and others. 

This way, you can mask your actual IP address quite easily. Moreover, a VPN encrypts your whole internet traffic, which is necessary to protect yourself from the prying eyes of ISPs, hackers, and other unwanted personnel online.  

If you want to shop online, then you should connect to a VPN service first. By doing so, you can buy any product to your liking without exposing your sensitive financial information over the web. Likewise, you can protect your digital footprints while using any public Wi-Fi network on the go. 

You can get access to media streaming services by using a VPN and watch US Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO Now, Amazon Prime, and others. Besides, you may play any region-blocked video games on different devices through a simultaneous connections feature.

Likewise, you can perform torrenting tasks and download your preferred torrents once you connect to a VPN’s dedicated P2P servers. As a result, your whole torrenting activity becomes anonymous and untraceable for ISPs and law enforcement agencies.      

How to get a South American IP Address through a VPN?

You can get a South American IP address with a VPN by following these simple steps:

  • Download and subscribe to a VPN service like NordVPN
  • Open the VPN app on your device after logging in with your credentials
  • Connect to a South American server from the list of servers
  • Start watching your favorite shows or movies

Wrapping Up

We expect you would have appreciated our post on the best South America VPNs. You can remain secure and anonymous online while residing in any of the South American countries with a VPN.

Similarly, you can access geo-blocked media content, be it TV shows, movies, news, documentaries, and much more on multiple devices.