Some teleconferences as well as classrooms are vulnerable to cyberattacks, says FBI

Last updated: April 23, 2020 by CountryVPNs

Cyber-rascals have stooped to a level that no one can imagine. Not even sacred institutions like schools and universities are safe from their wicked activities. They don’t even spare a respectable profession like teaching.

A warning has been released by the FBI regarding video hacking also termed as “Zoom-bombing” which is on a rise in the wake of coronavirus pandemic.

FBI warning about zoom hacking

The use of teleconferencing tools has increased a lot as the people are confined to their houses because of the outbreak and they have no other way to carry on with their official chores, the same goes for the schools and universities. Hackers are taking advantage of it. FBI talked about the reports they are receiving regarding conferences and classrooms being disrupted by abuses, nudity, and hate speech.

FBI told that last week, a school in Massachusetts filed a complaint that someone dialed into the online class which was being conducted on Zoom. The unknown guy used abusive language and left the teacher’s residential address before leaving.

A similar incident has been reported by another school in Massachusetts, where a cyber goon was seen displaying swastika tattoos during a conference call.

For some people, it’s a serious matter.

online classes hacked

Others are making fun of the whole situation.


But we are concerned about these incidents and so is Zooms’s administration so they have requested all their users to review the tool’s settings for their safety while conducting large public group meetings and report such incidents to its support team immediately.

FBI has also released a set of guideline which are required to be implemented to fend off such attacks while conducting teleconferences and online classes. The guideline says:

  1. Teachers should always make the meeting private and use password while conducting online classes. They should also use the waiting room feature to keep the admittance of additional people under their control.
  2. They should always send the link to the meeting directly to the participants instead of sharing it on public platforms
  3. Lastly, those who are responsible for a teleconference should always keep the screen sharing option, “Host-Only”.

Our advice

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