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Everyone knows how coronavirus pandemic swept across the globe in just two months, affecting 685,467 people with death toll crossing 32000 mark. Millions of people around the world are uncertain about what is going to happen next. How many more lives will be lost before this outbreak ends?

In these times of uncertainty, when humanity is facing the biggest challenge of the current era, some people are fighting against this epidemic, trying to save the lives of affected ones putting their own lives at stake. But this is not enough. Apart from the steps that the governments have taken to control the situation, people have to play their role to ease the sufferings of each other, and that’s exactly what the digital fraternity is doing right now.

From online learning tools to health-related journals, a fair amount of digital content and services has been made available to either the most concerning ones or, in some cases, to everyone free for a limited period to mitigate the situation for the people.

The digital services and content that are made free for a limited time are discussed below:

Adobe’s Creative Cloud and services

Adobe has made its collection of applications and services, i.e., Adobe Creative Cloud, accessible at home for students till the 31st of May. It means students will have at-home access to Adobe Creative Cloud, which they usually have to log in through on-campus labs. Remember that the price of Adobe Creative Cloud was $39.99/month, which means it would have been quite expensive for students in case they didn’t make it free. 


Not only this, but Adobe also made its web-based PDF services free till 31st March so, people can easily create and share documents. Apart from that, Adobe also extended the renewal grace period and eliminate additional license charges for creative cloud and document cloud team and enterprise customers.

They are also supporting businesses’ need to communicate with the customers digitally through Adobe Analytics and Adobe Experience Manager.

Public Health Journals on JSTOR

JSTOR the digital library that was founded with the intent of making vital content accessible for the students and teachers at a low cost through the digital medium are also playing their role to ease the sufferings of the people in these challenging times by providing them access to Public Health Journals for free till 30th of June. You would have to spend hundreds of dollars to buy only one journal had they not made it free, check their regular prices here.


Go and read about how to keep yourself secured from falling victim to this merciless outbreak.

Online Courses on Udemy and Eduonix

Platforms that provide access to online courses didn’t lag in playing their role to make the situation less uncongenial for the human race. Platforms like Udemy and Eduonix have made several courses free for a limited period. These courses are related to a wide range of fields like graphic designing, programming, data science, digital marketing, App development, health, and many more. These courses would have easily cost you hundreds of dollars, but thanks to these platforms for making these courses available for free.



These are just a few; there are many more available for free. So, you should visit these platforms without further ado and grab your free enrollment opportunity.

For your convenience, I have made a list of a few of the courses which are available for free on these platforms:

audible by Amazon

free collection of audiobooks has been launched by audible for kids. So the kids who are confined to their houses because of COVID-19 don’t get bored; instead, they will be able to learn new things along with getting entertained.


Other Online Services made available for Free due to COVID-19 Pandemic


  • Amazon’s Kindle

If you aren’t an Amazon user, now is the right time to get an account because Amazon is offering free access to its E-book service for two months for new users.

  • Scribd

This online reading service cares for its users. That’s why it’s offering a wide range of online reading material from eBooks to magazine articles and more to anyone for free for a month.


SHOWTIME, which is an American premium television network, is offering a free 30-day-trial to new subscribers in the wake of coronavirus pandemic.

  • Penguin Random House

Canadian young book reader’s platform, Penguin Random House, is offering free daily book reading for kids.

  • Broadway HD

This New York-based on-demand digital streaming media platform is offering a 7-day free trial to new customers.

Amazon Prime, Sling, Acorn TV, and Sundance Now are some other online entertainment services that are providing free access to their content.


  • Ivy League Courses

Around 450 online courses have been made free by Ivy league schools for the students who have been locked inside their houses because of the current situation. You can found these courses in class central.

  • Scholastic

A free online learning hub named ‘Scholastic Learn At Home’ has been launched by the American education and publishing company Scholastic Corporation. You can access it for free without signing up.

  • Khan Academy

The free online lessons offered by Khan Academy are providing a lot of value. So, we recommend it to the teachers, students, and parents to avail such a valuable resource.

  • LinkedIn

If you are someone who is struggling to manage his time while working from home, you should watch the educational videos on this topic created by LinkedIn. They are free of cost.

  • Unity 3D

If you want to learn graphic designing, 3D modeling, coding, etc., you should visit Unity 3D’s website because they are offering free tutorials on these topics.

  • PearDeck

PearDeck has teamed up with Google for education, providing free access to its premium features to the students and teachers affected by COVID-19.

  • noredink

No Red Ink is offering its premium features for free to help the students and teachers with writing and grammar.

Explain Everything, Knowledge Hook, Curiosity Corner, and Virtual Classroom are a few other online educational services offering free access to their premium features.



To help people deal with the stress and anxiety they are enduring because of the COVID-19 epidemic, SANVELLO is offering free premium access to its app so people can practice meditation and learn other clinical techniques to deal with mental agony they are going through at this time.

  • Simple Habit

Understanding the graveness of the current situation, Simple Habit is offering premium access to topics like Self-Care, Easing Fear, Mindful Communication With Family, and many more through its online app.

  • Peloton

Peloton is offering premium access to its app so you can stream its fitness classes from the comfort of your home.

  • YogiApproved

YogiApproved has made access to its online classes free for 30-days. You just need to insert the code STAYHOME, and that’s it, you are in.

  • JAZZERCISE on Demand

It’s currently offering premium access to its full-body workout classes for free for 60 days. Just click on the subscribe now button, fill in your details, and use the code 60DAYSFREE.

Apart from these services, you can join Facebook pages of Yogini Jeannie, Planet Fitness, and Instagram Page of Kickat55 Fitness to learn exercises to keep yourself fit as they are offering such valuable content for free.


  • MLB

The professional baseball organization, Major League Baseball, has made available all the games of the 2018-19 season on MLB.TV for Free. Apart from that, you can visit MLB Vault page on YouTube to watch a large number of the greatest games in MLB history.

  • NFL Game Pass

The subscription-based audio and video service NFL Game Pass, which provides you access to the live and archived National Football League games are offering free access to all the games from 2009-2019 till 31st May.

  • NBA League Pass

NBA League Pass cares about its subscribers and knows that staying home for a long time isn’t easy. So, it’s offering a free preview of all 2019-2020 games till the 22nd of April. Through this complimentary offer, NBA League Pass will also provide access to the archived games.

  • NHL

No new games have been played because of the coronavirus outbreak, but National Hockey League is providing free access to the replays of the games of the 2019-2020 season.


FIFATV’s YouTube channel is providing access to all the greatest games in the history of soccer

Now that we have discussed in detail all the online services and content available for free right now, we need to focus on how you can access them safely and anonymously.

Some Digital Marketing Products that have been made Free

MOZ Academy

MOZ Academy is a platform where you can find dozens of courses to level-up your search engine optimization skills. They, too, decided to relieve the pain of the pandemic-stricken people and made all their premium SEO training courses accessible for everyone free of cost till May 31. These courses collectively worth more than a thousand dollars, so it’s a massive relief for those who are learning SEO.


Don’t miss this opportunity and go get your free registration to the courses just by putting in the promotional code “wegotthis.” You won’t find a better chance if you want to take your SEO skill-set to the next level.

Ahrefs Blogging for Business

Ahrefs is perhaps the finest SEO tool in the world. It helps its users to optimize their website to rank on Google SERPs through Keyword research, competitor analysis, and so many other things. They have made their “Blogging for Business” course free for 30 days. The price of this course is a massive $799, so it would be a huge help for digital marketing newbies.


Don’t miss on this chance and grab this opportunity with both hands because this course should be taken by all those who are about to start a blog for their business but don’t know where to start from and how to go about it.


Oberlo is the application which allows you to import the dropshipping products from to your Shopify store, in just a few clicks. They are offering their drop-shipping course “Oberlo 101” for free to show solidarity with the people who are confined to their homes because of the ferocious entity named “Corona.” Thank Oberlo for taking this step; otherwise, you would’ve to pay $49.90 to get access to it.


Don’t waste your time and enroll for the course now using the coupon code “LEARNFROMHOME.” Instead of sitting at home like a “couch potato,” do something productive and what could be more productive than learning a new skill. So, stop making excuses and grab this opportunity right now.

How to access them safely and anonymously?

It’s a good initiative by these online platforms to make their content free, but that doesn’t mean that you let yourself be swayed by emotions and don’t take precautionary measures before accessing their services and content.

You need to make sure that you aren’t clicking on any suspicious link mistaking it for a genuine website. Do you want to know how a suspicious link look like?


This is how it looks like.

You should also have a quality antivirus service like Avast, Bitdefender, or Norton installed on your device. It will help you deal with malware in the case; you click on a suspicious link.

Moreover, using a quality VPN service like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or CyberGhost should be your priority as it will help you access these services anonymously, ensuring your security because quality VPN services encrypt your online communication and help you spoof your location. So, if any of the above-mentioned services are collecting its user’s data, it won’t be able to do it with you.

Not only that, but a top-notch VPN service will also help you access geo-restricted content. So, if any of these platforms aren’t offering their service in your country, you can easily access them using a VPN by changing your IP address. You need to choose from the list of the best country vpns to use in your country.

Thanks for bearing with me for so long, waiting for your feedback on this article.

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